Home buyers, through the years, tend to value the same things. It makes sense. Though styles may vary and specific preferences may change, at the end of the day, we all want the same things out of our homes. Generally speaking, it all comes down to storage, space, and a sense of security. This year is no different. For example, a newly released survey of hopeful spring home buyers found that privacy was the top goal cited when asked what they valued most. Privacy even beat out family needs, which came in a close second. As for storage and space, garages and backyards were also near the top of the priorities list for most buyers. Demographically, younger buyers were more likely to want a large yard, while garages were particularly popular with buyers over the age of 55. Either way, it's clear that this year's house hunters have common needs. There is one need, however, that buyers share more than any other. When asked which room was most important to them, 80 percent of respondents named the kitchen. For obvious reasons, the kitchen is consistently ranked high atop buyers' wish lists. After all, no matter how young or old a buyer is, they need to eat – which is why a good kitchen is always a draw for home shoppers. New homes that are being built in Eastern, NC, have all the important features that buyers are looking for. Eastern, NC has many young and older home buyers, mainly because of the military bases and because the coast attracts a lot of retirees. The areas of New Bern, Havelock and Emerald Isle, NC are very popular areas for buying homes in because of the good job market and because so many homes are being built and have so many of the features that buyers are looking for. To see some of the homes available in these areas go to: http://www.firstcarolina.com/listings/ or join our social media at: https://www.facebook.com/fcrhavelock/. More here

Home Buyers In Eastern, NC