Many people assume that renting is always going to be cheaper than buying a house. Mostly, this is because of the upfront costs associated with buying. Having to come up with closing costs and a down payment, in addition to taking on a monthly mortgage payment can be intimidating for someone who wants to buy but feels it'll be easier and more affordable to rent. New data shows this is particularly true right now and it's driving up the costs of renting a single-family home. Those who want to buy are finding it difficult to find the right one, or may need a bit more time to come up with a down payment, but still want the advantage of space that single-family residences often provide. This, coupled with the foreclosure crisis turning millions of homeowners into renters, is a big reason why demand for single-family rental homes has risen over the last few years. What this means is that, if you hope to buy but aren't sure you're ready, it's important to research your options. In many markets, buying is still more affordable than renting, and may be especially so if you're looking to rent a single-family home rather than an apartment. For those in Eastern, NC, buying a home is as easy as renting in most cases. Many new homes are being built in this area and there are builder incentives available as well as down payment programs available so this is helping people to get a home that might otherwise have to rent. To see some of the homes available in this area go to: or join social media at: More here

Renting A Home In Eastern, NC