Keeping good financial habits is important, especially if you're expecting to buy a house any time soon. That's because, your credit history and score will be among the tools your lender uses to determine whether or not you're qualified for a mortgage. In other words, making sure your credit score is as good as it can be should be a top priority for prospective home buyers. But, though that's true, last year saw a drop in average credit scores among borrowers. In fact, numbers from Ellie Mae show borrowers' average FICO score dropped from 728 to 722 year-over-year in November. The good news is that that's a significant improvement over where it was a few years ago. It's also, however, a reminder to practice good financial habits, pay your bills on time, and check your credit history for any fixable errors. Joe Tyrell, Ellie Mae's president of corporate strategy, says the news is encouraging, despite the drop. “With the average credit score dipping, lenders are extending credit to borrowers who may have had no previous access to the housing market,” Tyrell said. “While these scores are still significantly above levels seen a few years ago, it is encouraging to see increased accessibility especially as the millennial population continues to pursue home ownership.” For buyers in Eastern, NC, easier credit has been a positive and with down payment programs in place it has made home buying much easier. To see some of the homes available go to: or join our social media at: More here

Credit Scores In Eastern, NC