Important Carteret County Phone Numbers

First Carolina, REALTORS 252-447-7900


Time Warner Cable: 252-223-6400

Carteret Craven Electric 252-247-3107

Progress Energy: 800-452-2777

Emergency: 911 service is everywhere in Eastern NC. 


Emerald Isle:

Zip Code: 28594

Area Code: 252

Administration Office: 252-354-3424

Tax Office: 252-354-3424

Town Manager: 252-354-3424

Water: 354-3307

Police: 354-2021

Fire: 354-2445


Atlantic Beach:

Zip Code: 28512

Area Code: 252

Town: 726-2121

Water: 726-1366

Fire: 726-7361

Police: 726-2523


Zip Code: 28516

Area Code: 252

Town Manager: 728-2141

Town Clerk: 728-2141

Administrative Assistant: 728-2141

Water: 728-3175

Police: 728-4561

Fire: 728-4325

Indian Beach-Salter Path:

Zip Code: 28575

Area Code: 252/336

Town Office: 247-3344

Fire: 247-7994

Police: 247-6700


Cape Carteret:

Zip Code: 28584

Area Code: 910/336/252

Town Office: 252-393-8483

Public Works: 252-393-7205


Pine Knoll Shores:

Zip Code: 28512

Area Code: 252

Town Office: 247-4353

Fire: 247-2268

Morehead City:

Zip Code: 28557

Area Code: 252

Fire: 247-2611

Police: 726-5361

Crime Stoppers: 726-4636

Administration Office: 726-2267

Public Works: 726-6848



Zip Code: 28570

Area Code: 252

Town: 223-4749

Police Chief: 223-5410

Fire Chief: 223-4510

Public Works: 223-3902

Water: 393-1515



Zip Code: 28584

Area Code: 910/252

Police: 326-5151

Fire: 358-9003

Town Clerk: 326-4428

Water: 393-8562

Harkers Island:

Zip Code: 28531

Area Code: 252

Water: 728-3340


Cedar Point:

Zip Code: 28584

Area Code: 910/336

Town Hall: 252-393-7898

Water: Bogue Bank Water Corp: 252-354-3307


Cedar Island:

Area Code: 252

Zip Code: 28520

Fire: 225-1501 

Town Hall: 393-7898

Local Phone: 633-9011

Trash: Waste Industries

Carteret-Craven Electric Corp: 247-3107


Area Code: 910

Zip Code: 28555

Police: 743-3104

Fire: 743-2709

Town Office: 743-4441

Jacksonville Water Dept: 938-5248

NC Electric Membership Corp-Jacksonville: 353-0954


Sneads Ferry:

Onslow County

Zip Code: 28460

Area Code: 910

Volunteer Fire: 327-3718

Trash Dump: 327-2444


New River:

Onslow County

Area Code: 910

Zip Code: 28540


Onslow County

Area Code: 910

Zip Codes: 28540,28543,28544,28545,28546

P.O. Box Zip Codes: 28541,28542

Police: 910-455-1472

City: 910-938-5200

Jacksonville Electric & Water: 800-683-5542



Carteret County Government and GIS Systems

GIS is Geographic Information Systems. Governments of all sizes use this system to analyze complicated situations and come up with a solution. GIS helps them to be more efficient, reduce costs, improve coordination and deliver transparency and accountability.

GIS plays an important part in all of our lives and transforms the way decision makers arrive and make important decisions to improve our lives. It benefits public works and election departments, 911, law enforcement and many more divisions.

Carteret County’s government consists of many departments and offices. These would include mayor, commissioners, animal control, transportation, county attorney, county manager, the board of elections and many more. Here is a brief description of some of these offices and what they do for Carteret County.

Animal Control-3820 A Bridges St., Morehead City, NC 28557, phone: 252-728-8585

The animal control division is responsible for programs to protect the public from health and nuisance concerns with dangerous animals.

CCats/Transportation-3820 A Bridges St., Morehead City, NC 28557, phone: 252-240-1043, TDD/TTY: 1-800-735-2962

Carteret County Area Transportation System is public transportation for all residents and guests of Carteret County.

County Attorney-Cedar St., Beaufort, NC 28516, phone: 252-728-3158.

The county attorney is Rob Wheatly, from the oldest firm in Carteret County.

County Manager-County Administration Building, Beaufort, NC 28516, phone: 252-728-8450.

The county manager is responsible for preparing the recommended budget for the county departments, recommending new or revised policies for the Board of County Commissioners and implementing county programs and services.

Board of Elections-1702 Live Oak St. Suite 200, Beaufort, NC 28516, phone: 252-728-8460.

This department is responsible for conducting all elections within Carteret County and maintaining voter information which includes, registration records, candidate filing for General Assembly and local candidates, receive, audit and maintain campaign finance reports and provide for remote absentee voting. The Board of Elections office consists of three members that are nominated by the local political parties and are in office for a two year term.

Emergency Services and Communication-303 Courthouse Square, Beaufort, NC, 28516, phone: 252-728-8470

This office is responsible for getting out emergency notices and hurricane notices.

Engineering-County Administration Building, Beaufort, NC 28516, Phone: 252-728-8406

The engineering department manages the county government capital projects and projects that are done by the Public Buildings and Public Works Departments and oversees solid waste and disaster.

Environmental Health-3820 A Bridges St., Morehead City, NC 28557, Phone: 252-728-8499.

This office provides public health approach to prevent and control environmental contaminants and disease. These services include inspection of septic tank systems, wastewater systems, inspections of food and lodging, inspections of child care centers,

Inspections of public swimming pools and testing and sampling water and inspecting tattoo parlors. They also have pest management for animal and mosquitoes.

Finance Department-County Administration Building, Beaufort, NC 28516, Phone: 252-728-8410.

This department is responsible for all the financial management functions of the County government. They account for all receipts and disbursements, as well as preparing the County Manager’s budget, they administer the adopted budget, and invest the county’s idle funds, mange county debt, maintain fixed asset inventory, prepare annual financial reports and coordinate the annual audit which is done by an independent accounting firm. The finance department also takes care of purchasing and payroll.

Health Department-3820 A Bridges St., Morehead City, NC 28557, Phone: 252-728-8550

The health department has been in existents since 1937. The funding for this department comes from the County, State, Federal and special grants. It is governed by an eleven member board that is appointed by the county commissioners. 

Human Resources-County Administration Building, Beaufort, NC 28516, Phone: 252-728-8405

They are responsible for all aspects of personnel, documentation, policy development, benefits, administration and employee recruitment, and relations support for active, terminated and retirees.

Planning and Inspections-402 Broad St., Beaufort, NC 28516, Phone: 252-728-8497

This department enforces the county’s development ordinances and the NC building code for the unincorporated areas of the county. They review development applications to make sure they are in compliance with the county’s zoning ordinance, subdivision regulations group housing ordinances, mobile home park ordinances and RV park ordinances as well as the county’s CAMA land use plan and they issue the appropriate permits.

Register of Deeds-302 Courthouse Square, Beaufort, NC 28516, Phone: 252-728-8474

This office acts as legal custodian of all land titles and all land transaction documents. They file and record all deeds, uniform commercial codes, military records and other legal papers. They also register delayed birth records and issue marriage licenses and issue certified copies of records. This department is open to the public and the public can make copies of any files.

Sheriff-Law Enforcement Center, Beaufort, NC 28516, Phone: 252-504-4800

The sheriff is the principal law enforcement officer and is elected by the citizens for a four year term. They patrol the unincorporated areas of the county and respond to calls for service and investigate crimes in these areas. They also serve criminal papers and civil papers and provide courtroom security. They also operate the county jail in Beaufort.

Tax Office-County Administration Building, Beaufort, NC 28516, Phone: 252-728-8494.

The tax office handles address change request, which is a user-friendly tax record look-up, and secure online payments.

Veterans Services-Veterans Services Office, 3710 B John Platt Dr., Morehead City, NC 28557, Phone: 252-728-8440

This service provides services for Carteret County’s veterans and family members. It also informs the veterans of available programs and helps them to understand them and assists them in the application process for benefits.

County Commissioners- The board of commissioners consists of seven members elected for 4-year terms. Each commissioner is elected county-wide and must reside in the boundaries of one of the 6 districts. District 3, elects two members to the board of commissioners.